Get Fit Quick: 10 Excuses We Tell Ourselves as to Why We Are Not in Shape


That is called a marketing scheme and a lie.


That is called the truth and in all seriousness, no matter how ridiculous the first statement sounds, most people would read that article first. Because who has time to live a healthy lifestyle?

Today, we talk about the most common excuses I have heard, told myself and others and what is just commonly known as an excuse in the world of trying to make your life a healthy one.

We will cover as much as we can in the realm of 10 topics. We will go over the obvious ones as well as some you may never have heard of. It may even be more than 10. Who knows, I might go off the rails and do 11. Even though I could just make 10 THAT much better but I could do 11 because I may need that extra oomph!

Spinal Tap?


Moving on..

I wasn’t sure if a Top 10 style blog would fly, but the internet loves Top 10 lists for some reason.

Its like when you’re lying in bed at midnight and you should really go to sleep and you have to wake up at 5:30am to take the kids to school and BOOM you see a suggested video on youtube titled “Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries of the Titanic”. The video is 49 minutes in length but who cares? At that very moment you have to hear all 10 mysteries.

I don’t have human children so I cannot relate but, you know…

And while you’re watching that, another list comes up in the suggested videos for that video titled “Top 9 Adam Sandler Netflix Movies” and you are wondering why 9 and not 10? followed by “I didn’t even know Sandler made multiple Netflix movies?” So you watch that too.

It is now 4:12am and you’re TV has turned itself off due to lack of use and you’re going to hate your life all day long and it all started with a damn Top 10 list.

And so, Top 10 excuses we tell ourselves as to why we are NOT in shape:

10. “What’s the point?”.

  • “This is just life when you hit 40.”
  • “Who cares? We’re all gonna die anyway.”
  • “I’m too fat to workout.”

Yeah, were all gonna die. Lets just speed up the process and be in pain the whole time. F*ck it.

This one is so ridiculous simply for the fact that those that give that “what’s the point?” excuse probably peaked in high school and think Olive Garden is fancy.

Not working out and eating healthy because “there is no point”, is like never changing your oil on your car. Its gonna crap out eventually so why try to take care of it.

Never feeding your dog who literally can’t feed themselves because its gonna die, so whats the point?

Do you see how absurd this is getting? No? Stop reading. What’s the point?

9. “Being healthy is expensive”

  • No its not. Stop.

If you try to buy pre-made, organic, non-gmo, vibranium based skin of the first born son products that are delivered straight to your door, yeah, I am sure THAT is expensive. But in your grocery store, in that place called the “produce section”, there are a lot of things called “fruits” and “vegetables” and I promise you if that is all our world ate for the rest of existence, dude, we would be good.

“Bananas have too much sugar”. Whoever decided to demonize things like bananas and strawberries can go f*ck themselves.

Is it a little time consuming? If you want to cook that southwestern black tortilla mexican rice dish that you saw on Pinterest that takes 3 hours to prepare, then needs to be frozen for 2 hours, then sit in a crockpot for 8 hours. Yes, that is time consuming.

Rice, your choice of veggies, beans. You just throw it in a pot, add some seasoning and sauces to your taste and you have a meal!

“What about protein?”

Worry about the alcohol, sugar, and fat you put in your body. Trust me, you get plenty of protein without even realizing it.

Its not too expensive, you just need to stop making that excuse.

8. “I do not know how to workout”.

  • Fair argument. You can legitimately injure yourself just trying to do something you’ve never done before and personal trainers are a luxury of sorts.

HOWEVER, there is this amazing thing called GOOGLE and YOUTUBE that has access to BILLIONS of free workout advice as well as instructional videos on how to perform like every exercise known to humanity.

Not only that, but theres this place, you may not have heard of it. It was big in the 1960s.

That place is called “outside”.

Its where you can look up and its blue, sometimes gray, it has these things called clouds. There is grass and wind too.

If absolutely necessary and if you have exhausted all other resources, you can go to this “outside” and “run”. “Running” is like fast walking. And walking is like fast standing.

So if you go outside and run, that also counts as a workout.

7. “I don’t know what supplements to take.”

  • Fruits and Veggies. Get out of GNC.

6. “I am injured and cannot workout”

  • Now we get into those moments where people expect coaches and trainers to back off and be understanding of this reason… Nah.

Broken leg? You got core and upper body.

Broken shoulder? You got core and legs.

Broken Hip? There are hundreds of exercises you can do from a seated position.

Now, of course, I do recommend that you always seek out a medical professional in terms of how to work with you injury or the severity of it.

But do not just give up everything just because you have a sore wrist.

Again, seek a professional for assistance. But don’t use that as a crutch to just quit.

5. “I need to count my macros to lose weight”.

  • What are “macros”?
  • Short for “macronutrients”
  • What are Macronutrients?
  • Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins

How many people have you heard talk about macros? Maybe a lot, maybe none.

Calculating your macros, discovering what your body needs and weighing your food works and is great if you’ve made it far in your journey and need to dig deeper to unlock further results, counting macros are great.

I don’t do it. I did it for a week once and I went insane and I will probably never do it again.

If your goal is to lose weight and thats it, stop eating s*it.

Seriously, stop lying to yourself and telling yourself you’ve tried everything. You haven’t. If you did, you would have lost weight by this point.

If you are overweight or obese, and your main goal is weight loss, stop eating s*it.

“But I-” no, you haven’t tried not eating s*it. You may have tried to eat better for for a week or 2 but then you blame your kids or “the weekend” and eat s*it and after 72 hours of eating healthy and no 6 pack abs, you get angry and say “I guess this is just who I am.”

Its not who you are, you’re just giving up on yourself.

Don’t give up.

Just stop eating s*t.

4. “I am afraid of what others will think”.

  • Down the rabbit hole we go.

This one won’t be as sarcastic and as funny.

This is a less heard reason as to why people don’t want to be healthy. Or why they might quit.

They see a gym full of people that may be in better shape than them and BOOM, whatever fears they had going in have all become a reality and they immediately get scared and leave.

This also may be the most legitimate reason as to why people may avoid working out.

Is this an excuse? Yes. I may catch some heat for this and I am willing to accept it. However, anything you say as to why you are not chasing your goals is an excuse. It can be a BS excuse or a legitimate excuse. But it is still an excuse.

Exercise is proven to release a huge flow of endorphins through the body which literally help you become happier.

In the wise words of Elle Woods…

“Endorphins make people happy and happy people dont kill their husbands.”

Go to the gym and workout. What’s the worst that could happen?

3. “Healthy food tastes gross.”

  • So does hospital food when you’re sitting in bed after a triple bypass from clogged arteries.

2. “My kids won’t eat the healthy food I cook.”

  • You are the parent
  • YOU decide what they eat
  • I am not a parent, but my Mom told me what to eat and if I didn’t, she would make me.
  • Do not set your child up with an unhealthy lifestyle simply because you’re nervous to say “no”.
  • Give your kids the best path to succeed.





1. “I Don’t Have The Time”

  • This one makes me cringe every time I hear it. My head cocks sideways, my shoulders roll up near my ears and its like someone is trying to tickle me when I want to be angry.

There is the age old cliche’ that “you don’t have the time, you make the time” and all that jazz.

I am 27 at the time of this writing, my life is just beginning. I do not have kids and I am not working 17 jobs.

I am responsible for making sure a business with 30+ employees is running smoothly and performing at a high level at all hours as well as continues to grow. I just got married. My wife and I bought a house that was a nightmare dealing with lenders and all other kinds of BS for months, health insurance is ridiculous, student loans are stupid, blah, blah, blah.

By the way, for those of you that work for Navient, which is the proverbial hell of college grads, are you like ok? Do they let you leave? Do you have food and water? Like and Share this post for help.

So, to an extent, yes I can empathize with “not having time”.


It is about what is important to you!

If working out and eating healthy were important to everyone, “obesity” would not be a part of the English lexicon.

Google “lexicon”. Words are fun.

If I told you that I would give you $1 million every time you worked out, you would make working out your top priority

Its not that you do not have the time. Its just not important to you.

You make it important, you succeed.

Til next time…








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