Meat Free. 1 Year Later.

Part 1: Dude, I love burgers.

Its really been like 18 months but that doesn’t sound sexy.

Happy New Year!

Do you have a resolution? Hell yeah! Don’t suck and complete it!

Hopefully you’ll read this and at least be entertained.

I gave up meat, all meat. Occasionally, eggs and dairy. I do not claim to be a vegan, I love ice cream.

February 2017, my then girlfriend, now my wife, decides to give up meat. She’s super hippy and loves animals. It made perfect sense.

I named myself MeatheadMatt on almost all social media platforms I literally, sarcastically, douchebag-ly put “meat” into my internet identity.

I would back my wife up no matter what, but I could NOT give up my BEST source of protein!

Ok, maybe “no matter what” is a bit strong, like if she said “lets go stab some kittens”, I may have to draw the line.

Anyway, I was a bench pressing, leg day skipping, meat eating ‘Merican! Only girls were vegetarians and vegans. Guys that did it were all malnourished and scrawny. My calves are like that, but thats because of  genetics. Definitely genetics.

Months go by and she’s enjoying it. Mentally she’s happier that she’s not eating farmed animal flesh any longer and her diet, overall, hasn’t really changed much.

Maybe April 2017, we are cleaning the house. She casually walks by me and, now infamously in our relationship, says “the longer I go without eating meat, the more it grosses me out that you eat it.”



What do I do with that information? I was so confused.

She’s normally right on point with most things and I can be a stubborn prick about a lot of things.

I had my opinion, she had hers.

So we compromised and did it her way.

I looked more into it from a fitness standpoint.

Can you actually gain/maintain muscle on a meat-free diet?

Yes. The answer is yes. You will not magically lose 50lbs of muscle simply giving up meat.

June 2017, I tried no meat for a week. Easy.

I was never a huge fan of steak even though it did taste good, chicken dries out after 30 minutes unless you soak in oil, bacon is not that great and I was never really into fish.

Yes, fish is meat. No, vegetarians do not eat fish. Because, fish is meat. You’re thinking of a pescatarian and if you hate this whole blog, at least you learned something.

Fish is meat, don’t @ me.

I try it for a month and it was in that time frame that i watch the controversial documentary “What the Health”…

This is the end of Part 1!

Part 2 coming very very soon!

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