No Meat. One Year Later. Part 2: I Don’t Get Enough Protein and I’m Dying.

Part 2: I Don’t Get Enough Protein and I’m Dying.

None of the title is true.

When you give up meat, a funny thing happens: People who never had any vested interest in nutrition whatsoever all of the sudden argue that you won’t get enough protein and that B12 is vital for life and you wont get any from a meat free diet.

Also, people that do eat meat love to brag about how they “LOVE THE TASTE OF MEAT!” and how its impossible to make vegetables taste good without cooking them and seasoning them… Because everyone loves their meat without cooking it… and seasoning it. Bite into that raw chicken breast right out of the styrofoam plate its purchased in, let me know how it tastes, bub!

If you didn’t read part 1, I have no idea how you got here and how you read this far without once wondering “hmm, I wonder if there is a part 1?”

Long story short, the documentary “What The Health” focuses heavily on the dark side of how the meat the majority of the world eats is produced. There is no real good side. Its all dark.

The singular way I can justify eating meat is if I legit hunted it and used every bit of the animal. That way I know a few things:

  1. I had to go out and actually give the animal a chance to survive. Most people that do this, usually use every part of the animal which can feed a family for a while.
  2. I know nothing was injected into it between death and the grocery store.
  3. The animal was living a life before it died. It was not just squished into a cage with 15 other animals from birth til slaughter.

Does that sound too hippy for you? Well, youre probably 165lbs soaking wet still trying to get that 1st Phorm sponsorship from college and also look the same since college despite “going beast mode” with mirror selfies for 5+ years.

But I digress.

Back to What The Health. Mind you, this is a pro-vegan documentary so there is HEAVY bias into the vegan lifestyle. Some a little far out for me.

There was a story of a women who had cancer and couldn’t walk, went vegan and was cancer free and walking like 19 days later. Total bullsh*t. You see the controversy.

Like, mind-bogglingly bullsh*t.

The only real thing I pulled out of it was how f*cking terrible animals are treated from birth to slaughter. Its disturbing and vomit-inducing.

Due to the rise of social media and how much content is available to us, now, more than ever, we can see into worlds and cultures we never thought possible decades ago.

The nightmarish way these animals were treated coupled with the videos and information we all have access to now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it just about set me on the path I am on today.

But… But what about protein?

I have always had a personal war against protein. The “recommended amount” per person is debatable and it is simply a marketing tool now to sell you “food-like” products to make them seem healthy.






Fruits, veggies, grains, beans, and a protein shake here and there is plenty to be healthy.

“Our ancestors ate meat!” Thanks, guy in in jeans with no belt, wearing New Balances from 2002. Our ancestors DID eat a lot of meat, they also thought cocaine was healthy for you and doctors recommended smoking cigarettes, and lead based paint was safe.

I am sure they all thought those were great ideas AT THE TIME.

Sure, we have the argument of “humans were meant to consume meat” and that we are omnivores and OUR ANCESTORS, blah blah blah. Yes, we CAN eat meat, but that does not necessarily meant we have to.

We used to be a culture of not allowing women to own land. We improved.

We used to be a culture of working in factories filled with asbestos. We improved

We used to literally buy and sell human beings. We improved (significantly).

Yes, We used to hunt and kill our food. But most of us don’t. We have no need.

We use that as an excuse to compare the lifestyle of our ancestors going out and killing prey to stay alive to us getting in the car our Dad bought us, posting on Instagram while driving, and walking into the Publix meat section to buy a styrofoam tray of meat, while we wonder if we should delete that instagram post because it didn’t get enough likes.

Stop using “we’ve always eaten meat” as a reason why you SHOULD eat meat. It’s erroneous.

If you want to become a bodybuilder, drop down to 3% body fat, and add 50lbs of muscle, you will need to alter your nutrition and probably take steroids. But those that want those goals are less than 1% of the population. You can absolutely gain muscle on a meat free diet. Search #VeganFitness, youll get millions of hits for men and women living fit and healthy lives, meat free.

I say #veganfitness as vegetarian isnt as cool.

Thanks, Instagram.

ANYWAY, the question that ANY meat free person always gets asked is “how do you get your protein?”. Go watch “From the Ground Up” an athletic plant based documentary. That question is addressed like 15 seconds into the movie.

Vegan bodybuilder, Torre Washington, said the best response I have ever heard: “The same place the meat you eat gets their protein”.

Beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, tempeh, quinoa, ezekial bread, and peanut butter, are just some ways you can consume protein meat free.

If you are a vegetarian, like me, eggs and dairy is also available to you but I try to keep that to a minimum.

There is protein in nearly all foods. Sure, there may be more in a ribeye than in a handful of broccoli, but broccoli has way more health benefits than a ribeye.

We don’t need as much protein as the guy at GNC that wears Affliction says we do.

This is not anti-meat eaters. I really dont care if you eat meat. Im not trying to make anyone feel bad or start a keyboard war about consuming meat. You do do boo boo. I honestly probably know 5 real life people that are vegan or vegetarian. 2 are my wife and myself.

Bottom line is this, if we focused on the benefits of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, etc rather than the “risks” of giving up meat, we could have more educated conversations about this instead of “You dont eat meat? What are you? A wuss?”

Giving up meat, BY NO MEANS, makes you healthier or superior, people that say or believe that are self righteous douchebags. Theres plenty of food that does not involve animals that are full of sugar, fat and preservatives.

After I FINALLY let go of the protein myth and just started eating food and not worrying about if I was getting enough protein, I came into the benefits of being meat free.

After I became a little more open minded, I saw a lot more things in a different light…

This wraps up Part 2.

Part 3: coming soon…


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